My Magic Kingdom: the rules

This is where you can find all the information you need to build and play My Magic Kingdom.

These are the instructions of My Magic Kingdom. I don’t know if it’s right to start first publishing the rules of the game and then the cards or the other way around, but I want this game to be played, and possibly be improved by the feedback of the people all around the world who played it and I don’t want to wait for everything to be perfect as there’s no such thing, at least in this moment of my life. So here’s the rule book of MMK. Next week I’ll start publishing the attraction cards.

You can read the instructions or download it here.


My Magic Kingdom is a game for 2 up to 4 players competing to build the best Magic Kingdom ever. It’s not just managing money and building the highest number of rides: it’s about launching trends, fostering talents, finding the right balance between thrill and enchantment. 

Game Objective

The best theme park wins. Park performance is measured by a score determined by many things, such as the number of attractions, the number of lands, the number of “E” ticket rides and so on. Each turn is your chance to build your park in order to get the highest number of points.

Game Components

The game features the following items:

  • attraction cards 🏰
  • garden cards 🌳
  • water body card 💧
  • attraction building cards 📦
  • imagineer cards 👹 – To build some attractions, sometimes a specific imagineer is needed. Imagineers are behind those touches that makes an attraction really stand out from all the others and are particularly valuable: they are precious, sought after and if not properly given care of, they can leave you company and start working for other parks!
  • 8 decade cards
  • event cards  🎉 – Event cards can define the dynamics of each round and apply up to the end of the round/decade  unless otherwise defined. Bonus or penalties indicated on the event cards are added or detracted at the end of each round/decade.
  • 4 gate cards ⛩️
  • coins 💰


First shuffle all event cards  🎉 and place 5 event cards  🎉 on each decade, covered. Then shuffle all attraction cards 🏰 and place them covered. Then shuffle the imagineer cards 👹 and place them covered. Garden 🌳, water body 💧and attraction building cards 📦are available, each on its pile. Each player receives 50 coins 💰, takes 1 attraction cards 🏰 from the covered pile and 1 gate card ⛩️. A player is also required to act as Timekeeper and cover the event cards  🎉.

Sets, rounds and turn structure

My Magic Kingdom is a turn-based game divided in rounds and sets. At the beginning of a round, the Timekeeper turns the first card of the decade and reads it aloud to all players. Then each player plays his/her turn. When all players have played their turn, the Timekeeper flips the second card and so on. When all the cards of decade are flipped and all player have played their turn, the round ends. Each player calculate the revenues and collect the money from the bank.

Turn structure

The player flips an attraction card 🏰 from the pit. During the turn, each player receives 1 coin 💰 for each built attraction and flip 1 attraction card 🏰 face up. Then the player can do some of all the following actions:

  • BUY garden cards 🌳, water body cards 💧or attraction building cards 📦 up to 3 cards in total OR attraction cards 🏰 up to 2 cards in total among all the attraction cards 🏰 revealed.
  • BUILD as many attractions, gardens 🌳, water bodies 💧 as you wish among the one you own. For more information about how to build attractions, gardens 🌳, water bodies 💧, go the specific section.
  • TEAR DOWN as many attractions, gardens 🌳, water bodies 💧as you wish. The park loses an attractions but the player cash the value of the attraction, halved and rounded to the lowest whole number. For example if an attraction value is 7 coins 💰  the player will cash 3 coins 💰.

When the player has finishing, BUYING, BUILDING, PLUSSING and TEARING DOWN, then the turn ends. It’s time for the next player to play.

Decade Revenue

At the end of the decade, it’s time to do the maths and cash how much your park is worth. If you have taken into account all the decade bonus, you could end up with quite a dough and start the next decade with what it takes to take your park to the next level! Here is how to calculate the amount for each player:

  • +5 coins 💰 if your park has opened
  • +2 coins 💰 for each attraction BUILT
  • +2 coins 💰 for each attraction requiring an imagineer card 👹
  • +5 coins 💰 for each land 🏝️
  • +5 coins 💰 for each land 🏝️ featuring 5 or more attraction cards 🏰
  • +1 coin 💰 for each  attraction BUILT
  • +1 coin 💰 for each garden card 🌳 and water body card 💧 BUILT

Then you can add or subtract all the bonuses and penalties of the decade and the event cards.

Final Score

When all event cards  🎉 are flipped, all turns are played the game stops and the final score are calculated and the winner declared.

  • +1 point each 3 coins 💰
  • +1 point for each card BUILT
  • +1 point for each attraction cards 🏰 BUILT
  • +3 points for each “E” Ticket attraction cards 🏰 BUILT
  • +2 points for each attraction building cards 📦BUILT
  • +3 points for each land 🏝️ BUILT
  • +5 points for each land 🏝️ featuring 5 or more attractions 🏰 BUILT
  • +10 points for each imagineed  👹 HIRED

Park Building 101

How to build an attraction

  • OWN THE 🏰 CARD – It may seems obvious, but in order to build the attraction you must first buy it and have it in your deck.
  • OWN THE 👹REQUIRED – Some attractions need you to have among your creative employee a specific imagineer. In order to build the attraction you must first buy it and have it in your deck.
  • OWN THE REQUIRED 🌳💧📦 – Attractions can vary in size and type and number of tiles needed. You can find the right amount of 🌳 💧 📦cards required on the attraction card 🏰.
  • BUY THE REQUIRED TERRAIN – Each time you build an attraction you must buy the terrain to put your attraction card 🏰, and required garden 🌳, water body 💧and attraction building cards 📦. The terrain costs  1 coin 💰per card.
  • PLACE THE REQUIRED 🏰🌳💧📦 – All garden 🌳, water body 💧 and attraction building 📦 cards must touch the attraction card 🏰. If you’re building the first attraction, it must be placed adjacent to the gate card ⛩️; if you’re building any other attraction, at least one of the new 🌳💧 📦 🏰must touch at least one already built cards.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EXISTING 🌳💧 – If you happen to have already garden 🌳 and water body cards 💧built in the park at the right place, you can use them to build your new attraction. REMEMBER attraction building 📦 cards are exclusive to each attraction and cannot be shared.

Where to place an attraction

Attractions cannot be built wherever you please. They must:

  • be placed adjacent to the gate card, if it’s the first attraction you building, or adjacent to other attraction 🏰, garden 🌳, water body 💧cards.
  • ensure a smooth transition with all surround attractions: 

IMPORTANT: you can build any attraction no matter the correspondence of the decade.

What are attraction transitions?

A theme park is not just a bunch of rides randomly placed, but a careful crafted themed environment. Attractions share an general ambiance, an overall look. Tomorrowland attractions usually have a very metropolis urban feeling, very different from the wild theming of Adventureland. Abrupt theme changes disrupt the illusion and must be avoided. That is why each attraction card 🏰 features a symbol defining the overall general look, urban vs. wilderness

  1. 🏢🏢🏢 – highly urbanized environment
  2. 🏢🌲🏢 – average urbanized environment
  3. 🌲🏢🌲 – average urbanized environment
  4. 🌲🌲🌲 – natural environment, human presence almost absent.

Attraction cards 🏰must always be placed in order to have the smoothest transition possible. The difference between transition values must be 0 or not more than 1. Compatibility must be respected on all sides of the attraction card 🏰.

Garden cards 🌳 and water body 💧cards act as passepartout cards allowing and can be placed adjacent to any kind of everall theming.

What is a land?

A land is an area of a theme park characterised by a shared theme and an attraction working both as a navigational tool and as establishing visually what the land is all about, and icon or, as Walt Disney called it, a weenie. Lands 🏝️ gives sense of place and add the overall value of a park. In order to have a land you must:

  • have at least 3 attractions built contiguously
  • have 1 attraction working as a weenie 🌭

IMPORTANT – Some smaller lands can require 2 or 1 attraction. Some attractions can work as a weenie 🌭 for more than one land.

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